I shake my head at the people who hurt someone over having memory difficulties. Who then go and continue to talk to the people who have moaned about them, but not to the person with memory difficulties and asks questions, to remember things.

Since when did Tumblr become a place to isolate friends for medical issues? Since when did friends leave friends in their time of need? Since when did being a dick become the right way to show you once cared?

My friend is a wreak and I wish I could wrap her up in bubble wrap and protect her from the people who wish to hurt her, I wish I could tell her its all going to be ok, but she is loyal, unlike them, and always blames herself when she is not the one to blame.

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this place feels so toxic at the moment :’(

Then find the things that make it less toxic <3

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I’m here…


Head ache is at least gone, but still feel sad. I didn’t sleep much either, and I’m terrified about tomorrow :(

Kiki, don’t be scared. I’ll pray for you. Remember that I love you always, and forget the drama, focus on what keeps you happy.

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Kayla, if you’re stalking the dash, Please pick up the phone, I am worried about you. Please.

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Oh hahaa, she has blocked me too. Very mature. Kayla, she is not worth it.

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hannah-banana-blog said:
I'm sorry, but I'm going to defend her here. She apologised after the initial snap, and told you then that she was getting death threats, and you still ignored her. You can't treat people like that either. If you are a friend, you have to suck up that you also were in the wrong, and that was the reason she made a false threat, to get you to talk to her, because all she wanted was a hug. I WAS the one she called at 3am, in tears, I was the one that got her to stop cutting, because you ignored her


Okay Number 1- I never got any messages from her, I am not in the wrong here. I ignored her?? I stopped talking to her because she threatened me. your not helping her cause at all and you will be blocked. Leave me alone, I don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore. How dare you accuse me of being in the wrong! I didn’t do anything to her!!!! 

I am sad to see that you have posted this, rather than keep our conversation private. your followers did not need to know the issues. You did do something. She cried out to you, for a hug, and you ignored her still. Thats when the threat to report came in, I know, I saw the messages.

I am saying you both were. It escalated. All I am asking is for you to hug her, thats all she wanted.

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I am begging Everyone to PLEASE go love my friend Kayla.

She not only has got a lot of hate, telling her to kill herself, but also a friend has deeply hurt her, and she is contemplating hurting herself.

I can’t lose her. 

Please Kiki, Consider it a birthday present, hold on for me. Please Kiki. I still love you.

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(So long Bloggers. please keep my friend in your prayers.)

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(So, my best friend needs support right now)

She’s an Roleplaying blog, but would you send her love. She got very bad news yesterday, and feels very low.


She has a very aggressive tumour, that has taken a bigger turn for the worst.

She’s called Kayla, send her love. 

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Does anyone know how to make a GIF? I need a new one since I have three muses now.

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Guys… who do you recommend I follow for Hannah…?

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Hehe, This Is Hannah’s friend Kay. She is only following 32 blogs.. I may click follow on some of my favourite fan blogs.

Don’t tell her! Ok?


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Midnight, so off I go. My friend Kay has offered to move my blogs around to one, so tomorrow is going to be shift around day.

Thank you Kay <3

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Erm.. me under the cut. When I met Andre Lee Potts.

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(I think I am going to combine my sides into my main blog, just because this blog is neglected. So fandoms will be mushed into one.)

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