(So long Bloggers. please keep my friend in your prayers.)

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(So, my best friend needs support right now)

She’s an Roleplaying blog, but would you send her love. She got very bad news yesterday, and feels very low.


She has a very aggressive tumour, that has taken a bigger turn for the worst.

She’s called Kayla, send her love. 

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Does anyone know how to make a GIF? I need a new one since I have three muses now.

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Guys… who do you recommend I follow for Hannah…?

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Hehe, This Is Hannah’s friend Kay. She is only following 32 blogs.. I may click follow on some of my favourite fan blogs.

Don’t tell her! Ok?


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Midnight, so off I go. My friend Kay has offered to move my blogs around to one, so tomorrow is going to be shift around day.

Thank you Kay <3

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Erm.. me under the cut. When I met Andre Lee Potts.

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(I think I am going to combine my sides into my main blog, just because this blog is neglected. So fandoms will be mushed into one.)

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And yeah i now.. not the prettiest girl.. but tough. Deal with it.

Seeing Timon of Athens. Alexander Siddig was there to see Ciaran.

We then Bumped into Vicki, (Bens wife) Who got us to come see Ben, and got him to hurry Ciaran up. We then Managed to get a picture with Ben and Ciaran together and spoke for ages with them both. 

My ARC top signed by Ben Mansfield (Becker), Hannah Spearritt (Abby), Ciaran Mcmenamin (Matt) and Alexander Siddig (Philip)

My Ben Mansfield Signed Photo.

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